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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm PDT

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>> all right. your impressions the second time going around.
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>> last time you didn't know what to expect but this time you expect a lot of black and orange and fan base. being able to take that in is very special and sharing the experience. >> you have done so much from an individual standpoint but what does it mean to have two rings in three reasons. >> it's an incredible feat and pulling the strings and coming together as one. we figured that off in the play offs and luckily it wasn't too late and like i said it's more of a team standpoint than an individual standpoint. >> and the jokes being the team being a bunch of roaches and you can't kill us off. what makes
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it like this in the post season? >> our resiliency and we play for the guy next to us, not ourselves. >> good job. one of the many stars of the post season round.
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>> your first world series parade. how would you describe it. >> it's special. there are thousands of fans and we
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dedicate this to them. >> your first season in san francisco. does this give you perspective how much these people love the giants. >> yes. and they're loyal to the team. they understand the game and support you in the good and the bad and that's good. >> in has been a lot of good these last four weeks. is there one memory that sticks out in your mind. >> for us to win the world series and everything and the rain and that made it special and when he got the last strike out there were so many emotions. it's something you never forget. >> we won't forget it either. thanks angel for your time. guys. all right.
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ready? all right first things first. can we get some
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introductions? >> come on guys. back up a bit. we need to keep the cars moving so we can get everyone in
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>> all right. first things first can we get some introductions. >> this is my son roger. he turned three in august. >> roger, can we get a go
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giants. >> yeah, go giants. >> look everybody out here is saying "go giants". what's it like to go through the streets of san francisco for the first time. >> there is not much to describe t the experience of a lifetime. i hope i get to do it a couple more times. that would be sweet. >> you are on track. have you had time to put this in perspective from a personal standpoint and team standpoint? >> a little bit. and seeing all the people it and started to hit me and this time my buddy said that this is the first time you don't have to say "wait until next year" and when i go home and have a couple cold ones and
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reminisce about it but real quick because we have to get ready for next year. >> ryan vogelson and great time during the season guys.
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. >> so we heard the chant as you were coming up here. what's it like? >> yeah there have been highs and lows and this is a high as you can get. >> and you're one of the stories and left off the roster in 2010 and saving the season for the giants and what it mean for you to contribute this time around? >> it means everything. that's what i came here to do and i am glad we got to done.
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>> is there one memory in your mind? >> the st. louis game and having more focus than i ever had and get it back so the fans could contribute to the two wins. >> the fans appreciate it. barry zito and tremendous story coming back and helping this team to another world san francisco giants world title.
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>> we're going to have a million plus watch this ceremony. it's going to begin in just a bit.
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audience: let's get started ! let's get started !
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